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We are a Certified Cedar Roof Cleaner. Cedar is our specialty and requires the proper technique and solution. BLEACH should not be used and that is what most handyman and other “do-it-all” contractors will use.  We have been through training to ensure we know how to properly and safely clean your cedar roof. Cedar Roof Cleaning is a very delicate process, by using low pressure it ensures your roof will maintain in tip top shape. We will not walk on your roof!!

We are located out of Pinehurst, North Carolina. We travel up to 200 miles to clean cedar shake roofs only. The reason we are willing to travel so far is due to the complex nature of cedar shake roofs. They require such special care that not just anyone can clean them. The cost to clean a cedar shake roof varies on the size, pitch, if lichen is present, amount of valleys, and height from the ground. As a good guesstimate — $.50-$1.50 per sq ft. (example 3000 sq ft single story house would range from $1500-$4500 )


Certified Roof Cleaning PinehurstUAMCC_CERTIFIED-(Gold)