Should Your Cedar Roof be Cleaned or Replaced?

If you’re reading this you’re wondering if your Cedar Shake Roof needs replaced or if it can be cleaned. There are several factors that go into that question. First, lets address that YES, Cedar Roof Cleaning is a thing. Many homeowners aren’t aware that you can clean and maintain your cedar shake roof. Cedar roofs are durable. Normally warrantied for 20-25 years, they will generally last as long as 50-60 years or more if properly installed and maintained. A cedar roof also offers thermal resistance (a natural insulating effect) many times higher than other roofing materials. This savings of energy through this natural insulation, along with being aesthetically, pleasing are major selling points to having one. If your roof has turned black/gray or has mold and lichen, the chances are you just need a good cleaning. Cedar is a natural material, which provides a hospitable environment for growth of funguses, algae, and moss. Careful, gentle roof cleaning approximately every 5-7 years will remove this growth without the use a pressure washer or walking on your roof. NEVER ALLOW SOMEONE TO WALK ON YOUR CEDAR ROOF, UNLESS THEY MUST!


So let’s talk about replacing your roof. Obviously as a Certified Cedar Roof Cleaner, I would rather you not replace it and have us clean it for you every 5-7 years. With that said, if you have a roof that has NEVER been maintained for 20-30-40- years, the chances are it may need replaced. We will not clean a roof that needs to be replaced. It doesn’t benefit us and will not benefit you! Why should you have a Cedar Roof Cleaner look at your roof first before a roofing contractor. That Easy, Most roofing contractors don’t know or educated ( just like many homeowners ) that Cedar Shakes can be cleaned. They are also in the business to replace, just like we are in the business to preserve. Its simple, let a Certified Roof Cleaner check out your roof first, if we can’t clean it (90% of roofs need cleaned vs replaced) then you can call a roofer. Let us take a look at your Cedar Shake Roof and help you save tens of thousands over replacement cost

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